Board of Directors

Board of Directors and Officers  2016/2017 53rd Season

President: Don Barger (10/17)
Vice President : Maurie McGarvey (11/17)
Secretary: Robin Kelly (12/18)
Treasurer: Adrianne Gleeson (14/17)
Past President: Kent Price (11/17)

Board Position ending in June 2017
Dick Holland (14/17)
Drew Grey  (16/17)
Debbie Long (16/17)
Josh Morehead (16/17)
Sandra Wilson (11/17)

Board position ending in June 2018
David Black (15/18)
Kathy Carruthers (15/18)
Jason Hibbs (15/18)
Doris Glaz (15/18)
Scott Johnston (15/18)
Jessica Perkins (15/18)
Denise Romanak (15/18)
Laura Taylor (15/18)

Board position ending in June 2019
JP Kelly (13/19)
Heather Pierce (13/19)

*(14/17) denotes first year of initial board term/ending year of current board term.  New board directors are elected for an initial 1 year term.  Board members may serve up to 6 consecutive years with the exception of Officers elected to President which my serve up to a maximum of 9 years.