Board of Directors

Board Members must be a member of the organization by having made a minimum financial contribution to the organization during the current year. Members of the theatre who have made a minimun financial contribution during the 2017/2018 year are eligible to vote in the election of board members at the annual meeting held each June. 

President – Robin Kelly 

Vice President – Scott Johnston

Secretary – Denise Romanak

Treasurer – Jason Hibbs

Past President - Don Barger


            Chris Beal            

            David Black

            Alison Bramlet

            Kathy Caruthers

            Doris Glaz

           Tony Kitchen

            JP Kelly

            Debbie Long

            Jessica Perkins

            Heather Pierce

            Laura Taylor

            Dick Holland




New board directors are elected for an initial 1 year term.  Board members may serve up to 6 consecutive years with the exception of Officers elected to President which my serve up to a maximum of 9 years.