Family Series

Family Series Shows 

October 5-15, 2017  THE HOBBIT
This suspenseful journey through Middle Earth is filled with magical adventure!  When Gandalf the wizard knocks at mild-mannered Bilbo Baggins’ door, bringing with him a company of dwarfs and a contract for an adventure - Bilbo finds himself on a perilous quest. Based on JRR Tolkien's popular fantasy series.  Adventure awaits!


December 7 - 17, 2017  THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE

While exploring the Professor's house, four children stumble across a Wardrobe which is actually a gateway to another world.  The land of Narnia is under the frozen spell of the evil White Witch, and the four very quickly find themselves caught up in a deadly struggle between good and evil.  Based on the C.S. Lewis classic.


March 8 - 18, 2019  JUNIE B JONES IS NOT A CROOK! 

Something terrible happened to Junie B. Jones at school today! Someone stole her new furry mittens! So when Junie B. finds a wonderful pen of many colors, she should be allowed to keep it, right? Because finders keepers, losers weepers. And guess what? There's a new boy in kindergarten and he is the handsomest. The only thing is both Grace and Lucille want him to be their boyfriend. Maybe he will love Junie B. when he sees her wonderful pen! It is okay to keep it, right? Junie B. Jones is not a crook . . . or is she? A hilarious and heartfelt tale based on the best-selling book series by Barbara Park.


In our Studio Theatre - At sixteen, Joey has just committed suicide. Through a series of flashbacks, Joey shows us the life he used to lead and why he chose to end it — and we also see the unexpected effect of his death on his classmates, teachers, and family. JUST LIKE I WANTED is a poignant, searing look at an epidemic which is sweeping our nation. This powerful play is must-see viewing by teens and their caring adults.



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