Board of Directors

Board Members must be a member of the organization by having made a minimum financial contribution to the organization during the current year.

Members of the theatre who have made a minimun financial contribution during the year are eligible to vote in the election of board members at the annual meeting held each June. 


President: Denise Romanak

Vice President: Scott Johnston

Secretary: Jessica Perkins Vasseur

Treasurer: Jason Hibbs

Past President: Robin Kelly


  • Chris Beal
  • David Black
  • Alison Bramlitt
  • Kathy Caruthers
  • Phillip Chesnut
  • Tim Durbin
  • Kathleen Gillespie
  • Dick Holland
  • J.P. Kelly
  • Tony Kitchen
  • Debbie Long
  • Jon Oliver
  • Heather Pierce

New board directors are elected for an initial 1 year term.

Board members may serve up to 6 consecutive years with the exception of Officers elected to President which my serve up to a maximum of 9 years.