PlayTime - FREE participatory theatre for children

Our regular, indoor PlayTime series is currently paused. However, we are doing a Summer PlayTime series outside!


Summer PlayTime is now showing Little Red Riding Hood! September 3, 4, 5 at 9 AM. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 270.444.6828. 

Located in our NEW outdoor space, the MHT Courtyard! (Entrance off Maiden Alley, behind MHT Studio Theatre)

Join the Clubhouse at the Market House Gang as kids participate in the telling of the story by singing and interacting along with the Clubhouse actors! Learn the word of the day and secret password and don’t forget your magic keys to unlock the Rainbow Story Book! It’s an engaging performance perfect for “wiggle-giggle” audiences!

Don’t miss Little Red Riding Hood - Little Red and her young Clubhouse friends learn it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when there’s a big bad wolf in the neighborhood! Red’s fun-loving grandma dispenses wisdom and “knockknock” jokes while the Wolf needs to brush up on his old lady imitation! 

Summer PlayTIme is sponsored by the McCracken County Early Childhood Councii


Welcome to PlayTime! Creative participatory theatre performances for young children and their families. 

Join the Clubhouse at the Market House gang as they act out stories from around the world! Kids learn songs, rhymes, and role-play while they help with the day's story.

Learn the Secret Handshake and don't forget your keys to unlock the rainbow Story Book! 

 PlayTime is performed in MHT's Studio Theatre at 120 Market House Square. Thursday and Friday performances begin at 10 AM; Saturday performances being at 1 & 2 PM. General admission seats are FREE at the door.

Reserved seats may be purchased for $2 each before the performances by calling 270-444-6828.

PlayTime is sponsored by McCracken County Early Childhood Council and the Community Foundation of West Kentucky.