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Market House Theatre has over 300 volunteers each year that help us create live theatre showcasing the talent of our community.  All the actors in the plays, technical crews backstage and in the control booth and ushers taking tickets and shows audience members to their seats are volunteers! Here are the many areas where MHT welcomes volunteers:


The theatre needs 4-6 ushers for up to 13 performances of each production. It is so easy and fun to usher. We welcome newcomers!! There is a brief demonstration on how to usher when you usher for the first time. If you like to meet and greet people, this is a great volunteer opportunity.

Commitment Time
Forty-five minutes is all the time required for you to usher. You can stay and help with intermission (if the show has one) but are under no obligation to do so. Just let the box office know if you are staying or leaving after you usher.

Start Time
Ushers need to arrive 45 minutes before the start of the performance.

Must be able to stand and/or walk the length of the theatre several times.  Be friendly, courteous, and most important helpful.

Everyone should dress appropriately. No torn jeans, no flip flops, etc. Dress as if you were attending an event at the theatre or going to a nice restaurant.

Technical Crew/Construction Crew

Working on the stage crew helping to change the scenery, running the light board, the sound board, followspot, or helping with props can be a lot of fun without the weeks of rehearsal it takes to perform in a play.  Generally the crew comes to the final week of rehearsals to watch and become familiar with the show.

Stage Crew
Working on the stage crew to change the scenery; running the light board, the sound board or followspot; or, helping with props can be a lot of fun without the weeks of rehearsal it takes to perform in a play. MHT staff will train you how to operate the lighting board, sound board and follow spot and give you time to practice before we get to dress rehearsals.  Crews work the following times:

  • Sunday Technical rehearsal (which is a rehearsal with the actors where the crew gets to rehearse what they do for the show)
  • Dress rehearsals are generally Monday and Tuesday evenings,
  • Final Dress or Preview is Wednesday evening
  • Opening night (Thursday evenings) and performances, which are generally Thursday through Sunday for two weeks for a non musical and three weeks for a musical.  Youth productions may open on Thursday morning with a school matinee.  Crew who work for youth productions should check for daytime school matinee performances as well as the evening shows and weekend matinees.

If you like hunting for special objects or doing craft work to create items for the show, then props might be right up your alley! Even though we have a props storage room, almost every play requires one or more items we don’t yet have!!  Set construction crews work during the daytime hours and on weekends to build and paint the sets.

Costume construction crew takes fabric home along with patterns from the theatre and returns the costumes back for fittings by the Costume Designer, Angela Hoerner.

If you like helping with mailings, stuffing envelopes or helping us check ticket stubs against the chart then you might want to become an office volunteer.  Just a couple hours a week or to let us know to call when we have a big mailing to get out is a big help for the theatre and lots of fun meeting people as well.  

To sign up to volunteer, or to learn more, call the MHT Box Office at 270.444.6828: M - F, 10 AM - 5 PM